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About Us

Collaborative Women is a ‘not-for-profit’ Community Interest Company founded in Stretford, Mancheser in 2014 by Executive Directors Jan Tasker and Grace McCorkle.

The Directors

Both Jan and Grace are Housing Practitioners whose combined experience in their field spans five decades working across the private, public and voluntary sectors.

We are Collaborative Women UK

Collaborative Women was born out of a passion to provide access to safe and affordable housing and to find ways of empowering women to forge their own paths. By working together with our partner organisations and local communities we aim to assist women in identifying and making the most constructive choices for their futures.

We are a service provider of peer group accommodation and life skills training, focused on helping marginalised young women aged 18-30 who are fleeing gender-focused abuse. Our core service users (though not exclusively) are women from BAME communities who often have restricted access to support services.

By offering assistance in the form of safe living and life skills training to these women at the beginning of their journey away from crisis we do all we can to ensure they have a brighter future. In the process we aim to protect vulnerable women from homelessness, breaking the cycle of moving from dependent, often abusive relationships into emergency refuges, only to return to what they have fled. We believe that this is because they have never had the chance, in a safe and supportive environment, to gain the skills and confidence that would otherwise enable them to live independently.

Through our work we aim to break the cycle of violence.

Alongside our housing projects, we are able to help over 400 women per year and we have developed and established a Women’s Community Hub based in Stretford. ‘The Hub’ provides a safe and welcoming environment with workshops that help women to bridge the gaps in their knowledge and empower them to map their own pathways to independence. This community driven project has helped in improving both the health and wellbeing of the women in Stretford and strives to improve their economic and personal futures.

Collaborative Women UK CIC (CW) is an organisation committed to developing and sharing practical and inclusive life skills solutions to assist women in overcoming the social challenges that they face. Through our workshops and seminars, the Independent Women program at the Hub seeks to build a support network for women who may be isolated in their communities across Trafford. By focusing on peer group learning the program creates a supportive learning environment for women whilst also raising their aspirations and discovering their goals. By building a community the Hub aims to reach women across the social divides that exist throughout Trafford and potentially the surrounding areas.

For some women, isolation, can be socially debilitating and our primary focus is to assist women who feel isolated as a result of domestic violence, mental health issues, unemployment and the criminal justice system.

Key Aims

Our approach is to use a framework that establishes a sense of inclusion, builds personal connections, raises self-esteem and confidence and improves wellbeing and mental health. The key aims that drive our program delivery are:

To raise women’s aspirations

To encourage participation and contribution to designing the program

To help women living in isolation to connect with The Hub and engage with peers

To gain insights and evidence that can inform policy makers of issues affecting women in Trafford

To develop an inclusive peer group learning environment accessible to any woman in Trafford at the point of readiness to make a positive difference to their lives

Many women who reach out to us have been deeply affected by their experiences and it is our humblest & proudest achievement to see them heal, blossom and integrate. Through the warmth, respect and compassion of our ambassadors we are able to assist women on their individual journeys to success.

Women working with women to empower each to move forward into a safe, sustainable and self-sufficient future.