Our Success


Highlights for 2018/2019: Collaborative Women with The HUB delivered over 40 interactive Workshops for FREE ranging from DIY to Self Defence. One of which was a day trip to the National Trust Lyme Park for the Collaborative Women on Tour event attended by 44 people. Over 500 women benefited from the projects.

We have a team of 36 valued Ambassadors supporting Collaborative Women on a voluntary basis each contributed 115 hours of their time to Collaborative Women UK. 4 Ambassadors delivered Workshops

Collaborative Women also supported 9 women into Education Employment or Training following our Lyme Park project.

10 new Partners supported the work of Collaborative Women
Acknowledgement to:
3D Web Tech Graphics
Bolton at Home Housing Association
BPP University of Law
Jade Samuels – Personal Trainer
Jags Photogrpahy
Jana – Personal Trainer
Mosscare St Vincent Housing Association
Puregym – Stretford
The Melville
The National Trust

Before I found collaborative women, I did not meet people, I stayed inside and suffered from depression. This was from me having a brain tumour in 2013 - I lost my speech and mobility, I became frustrated and did not want to meet people, and then I lost my dad last year which made my depression increase. I had a key worker (Motiv8) who suggested this group which has made a huge difference to my life, I am getting out, meeting different people and learning as part of a team, enjoying myself, laughing and gaining confidence each and every day.
The past two years have been extremely difficult for me. I got myself and my family free from years of domestic violence, had to represent myself in court to protect the children, and also deal with major health issues because of the stress such as losing my sight for months. Collaborative women has given me something just for me. A group who I can turn to for support, and to help others who may have experienced similar difficulties. It is full of joy and has helped bring a network of support to me, where I felt very much alone before.
Working alongside all members of Collaborative Women, has been both inspirational and motivational. This group has inspired me to challenge my own insecurities and motivated me to become a more productive participant in my own future. Thank you, to all of you that celebrate and encourage personal growth.
I have suffered long term with mental health and a long-term condition. This has caused me to suffer from long term isolation and low self-esteem. Being able to attend CW on a regular basis has helped to improve my self-esteem and decrease the isolation I suffer with. The ladies are a variety of ages from a variety of backgrounds which has been good getting to know others who may be of similar circumstances. The group is very friendly and am so pleased Yasmin from HomeStart Trafford passed on CW s details, it’s been good to get involved.
"It's so inspiring how the group has supported women through difficult life challenges."